LS Vision Brand Background

China, as an ancient civilization with 5000 years cultural heritage, emerged the four great inventions, from the Paper-making, the Compass,the Gunpowder to the Typography. What’s more, In the Han and Tang dynasty, China was once the most developed country in the world. These glorious history and achievement keep inspiring the descendants with thousands of years.
China, a nation suffered many mishaps but kept tenacious, a nation with the longest history while having the largest number of people, a nation metaphor by the Western as Oriental Sleeping Lion, finally ushered in the founding of the New China, through the suffering Hundred Years’War since the early 19th century.In the 30 years of reform and opening up, China became a World Factory, because of the demographic dividend. Most of the Chinese manufacturing factories blindly follow the quantity, but ignored the core— Quality.
With China’s accession to WTO in the 21st century, Chinese manufacturing facing enormous challenges because of the liberalization and internationalization of the exciting market. Many customers got confused to choose from the numerous brands in the market. Especially for the oversea customers, they even lost confidence of Made-in-China. Many customers even said that Made-in-China is for Poor Quality.

In this circumstance, we, a group of the 80’s and 90’s who are full of passion and inspiration, set up our brand as “LS VISION”. All LS Vision members are devoted ourselves to inheriting Chinese culture essence, rejuvenating Chinese nation, providing innovative & high quality products and professional value added services to our customers. Meanwhile, our mission is to introduce LS Vision to the world and develop our brand as a “Revolution of Made in China.


LS VISION team is formed with a group of people who are caring, smart and having dream. Every LS VISION people dedicate himself/herself to working with love, making products with love, treat each client with love.

Everyone devotes his own wisdom, peruse to perfect products, reliable quality and considerate service.

LS VISION dedicate our wisdom to a safe, green, peaceful world and harmonious society.

LS VISION Brand Meaning

LSVISION,Only for Quality Life

L — "Love"

With love, enthusiasm for work,
With love, enthusiasm for CCTV,
With love, cherish friendship,
With love, pursue perfect life!

S — "Security"

Dedicate to safety world,
Dedicate to green world,
Dedicate to peaceful world,
Dedicate to harmonious society!

V — "Vision"

First-class team, First-class products,
First-class service, First-class brand!

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